Ethical Tourism Practices is not against any portals or technology it’s not about online vs. offline, many are confused, rightly so as industry is going through transit, purpose of writing this article is to clear all doubts, misunderstanding of members/industry, We want technology to be utilised for the benefits of all industry partners in fact we welcome technology & suggest all members to adopt the technology for its better use.

UNDER Ethical Tourism Practices, All we are requesting our principals that is Hoteliers to stop only these few portals which are using their dominant position of having excess funds to under sell (Selling even below their purchased cost) B2C portals to have display rates (selling Price) set by hotels. As many hotels could sense brand diluting by not getting the same profile of guests due to this under cutting of price by using different means of under cutting, discounted coupons, advertisement budgets etc.,

ETP is against discriminatory practices, illegal money transaction & “Predatory Pricing” which is illegal under CCI, (competition commission of India) Predatory Pricing’ the act of setting prices low in an attempt to eliminate the competition. Predatory pricing is illegal under anti-trust laws, as it makes markets more vulnerable to a monopoly. Therefore Govt., allow 100% FDI to create physical or virtual infrastructure to provide the SMEs market place etc.,

As of now it is a price war in our Industry, whereas the service standards have gone down drastically in the absence of ethics in business due to dominance created by few OTAs. Market has become so vulnerable that news of defaulters & cheating has become very common which is not a good sign for any industry.

Many unprofessional hotels are taking advantage of present scenario and booking their own hotel at OTAs & making money without serving any clients as they know that OTAs are selling rooms at much cheaper price than their own purchase cost to acquire maximum market share.

Benefits of Ethical Tourism Practices To Industry Partners & Clients.

  • Brand value won’t be diluted, hotel will get clients as per hotel profiles.
  • Client would be buying the hotel which he can afford, not just buying luxury hotel for cheap price & later regretting or not being able to avail allied services of hotel due to high price at hotels.
  • Hotel’s direct customers will not have any confusion as hotels display rates on portals will be set by hotels, this will result in gaining the confidence and enhancing hotels credibility amongst clients.
  • It will prevent tourism in India from any kind of monopoly or bad name.
  • It will bring back comfort & harmony among hotels, OTAs and offline operators.